About Us

 My name is Emily & this is my Gardening website.

I LOVE to work outdoors & enjoy working hard to make things grow. I have an assortment of perennial and annual flower seed and seed mixes as well as potted plant starts and locally grown plants (available to those who are local to the area, or can commute to central Oregon to purchase). There's nothing better than getting dirty & watching your garden grow! 

For those of you that are LOCAL here in Bend Oregon I have Lots of Starts of All kinds & offer local discounts too.

Please contact me for any requests.


(510) 684-5665


 (Below) My son helping out on a job....Looking oh so professional.....

All pictures on my site were taken by me personally & are all photos of flowers, plants & landscape done by me in my yard.

 Sunflower Seeds are available for purchase NOW:

Go to my Online Seed Store

I also make a variety of hand decorated  pots, Bird-Houses & other Garden Ornaments.

I am happy to arrange plants of your choice (from my garden) in your pots & planters  if you bring them by.

Our wonderful Green House Bugs

(Praying Mantis Above)

My son collecting fresh lettuce from our garden for dinner.

Summer 2010